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Toby has been playing Drums Professionally for over 20 years, touring in numerous Countries around the globe, and recording for many different Artists and projects, in both Studio and remote drum sessions.  With his state of the art remote drum recording facility and Industry standard remote session drumming skills, Toby is the number one choice for many recording Artists both in the UK and abroad. 


Toby has a keen eye and a passion for Visual Artistry, and has a portfolio of Production work ranging from Promotional Videos for Music Artists, Corporate Video Presentation, Social Media Content production, and many more.


 Toby can work with you from the project start to finish, assisting with conceptualising your ideas if required, filming and audio recording, and completing the project with Post-Production.


 His work ranges from locational shooting to studio based filming, and with home-based Studio facilities in Essex including green screen, professional lighting and full audio recording capabilities, Toby is fully equipped to suit your Video Production needs. 

Toby Pluta with drums in the woods
Toby Pluta with drums live on stage
Toby Pluta in the Studio
Toby Pluta playing drums live on stage
Toby Pluta on Stage
Toby Pluta Photo session
Toby Pluta Live in action
Toby Pluta in action
Toby Pluta on drums in action
Toby Pluta playing drums


"Coming from a musical family (my father was the drummer for Polish pop band 'Kombii'), I started banging on pots and pans at the age of 2 and got my first real Drum Set at 12.  I then studied Drums in Bremen, and I was also lucky enough to take a course at the prestigious Kontaktstudiengang Popularmusik ('The Popkurs') in 1999.


I played in several local bands in Bremen until I got my first Professional job at the age of 16. Since then I have been working as a Professional Drummer, and over the years I have played with artists from all over the world, and have been fortunate enough to tour Internationally in countries such as Canada, UK, France, Japan, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and of course Germany and Poland."




"I have had the opportunity to work with some great Artists and Producers on stage and in the studio as a Drummer, Drum-tech, Songwriter or Producer including the following:


Abba Mania, Abba Gold, Bonita, Lea Finn, Peter Keller (Peter Maffay, Wunder), Copek, Charlie a´Court, Turboflowers, Jamsick, Polarstern, Wunder, Elin, Double o´Soul, Guesthouse, Gear 11, Mark Tavassol (Wir sind Helden), Johannes Strate (Revolverheld), Robin Grubert, Ralf Rieker (Die Happy), Derek Marshall (Tarzan-the Musical), Ulrich Rode (Rosenstolz, Jenniffer Kae etc.),

Paulsrekorder, Sönke Rust (Glam, rusty 66, Jenniffer Kae, ich + ich), Sven Bünger (Madsen, Cultured Pearls, Soulounge), Stephan Gade (Michy Reincke, Niels Frevert), Wolfgang Stach (Guano Apes), Rasmus Borowski (film composer),Jonas and the Massive Attraction, The Blues Shop Trio, Wingenfelder (Fury in the Slaughterhouse), Level 42 and Pete Ray Biggin"



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